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Crafting our wines

Many conditions have to be fulfilled for our wines to achieve that superlative quality which makes them live on in the memory of those who have tasted them.

The personality of our wine is influenced by climate, soil, attention in the vineyards, wine-making and, finally, by the care it receives in the cellar during the lengthy period of ageing in oak barrels before its bottle ageing. It is a long, almost mystical, perfecting process.

White wine fermentation area

By following the menu at the top of the page, you can learn about each aspect of our wine-making in detail. We believe that these steps lead to the finest Rioja wines. As you can imagine, meticulous vineyard care and management is the first step in our art of winemaking. For us there is no better starting process, since the best possible grapes are necessary to produce fine wines.

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