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Visitor Information


In our bodega we have written documents that prove the reception of visitors since 1886. For us, it is a pleasure and an honour to receive visitors and visits are most welcome. In order to tailor the visit to your particular interests, the more information we receive from you the better. You will see below our current visitor information. It is our aim to improve and adapt them over time, to the needs of the wine lovers that visit us. We hope that you enjoy visiting Viña Tondonia.

  • Visits: We are open for visits from Monday to Saturday, Sundays and Holidays
    excepted. Visits need to be arranged in advance, by phone or email. Please give us as
    much notice as possible.
  • Contact: Tel: 941.31.02.44. Fax: 941.31.07.88. E-mail:
  • Schedule: Visits should be arranged in advance and we will confirm the date and time.
  • How long does the visit last? Around 2 hours. You will see all the historic installations
    and taste our wines.
  • Number of people: The number of visitors is limited. Our buildings date
    from 1877 which is why we usually cannot accept large groups.
  • Language: Visits are normally in Spanish. English, French and German visits are
    available upon request.
  • Restaurant: We do not have restaurant service, but do provide details of restaurants
    and are happy to make reservations.
  • Children: Children are welcome in Viña Tondonia. We kindly ask you to take care of
    their behaviour to preserve the enjoyment of other visitors.
  • Tasting and Wine sales: Our wines can be tasted and purchased in the shop from
    Monday to Saturday (10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.)
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