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The Gallery

The house or “Swiss cottage”, as Don Rafael López de Heredia Landeta named his home, was built in 1887, and featured in the bodega’s labels from 1896.

By 1903 there were 14 members of the Lopez de Heredia family, and so a gallery joining both houses to the bodega was built in order to accommodate the numerous offspring.

The plans from 1889 are housed in our archives, and building began a few years later.  The steelworker finished it in 1903, and then Basilio Paraiso, a glazier from Cristalería La Veneciana in Zaragoza, fitted the acid-etched stained glass windows.  Finally, a painter from Vitoria painted the building.

The Gallery is currently being restored and will soon serve as a reception area.

galeria Modernist Gallery built in 1903
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